• Exterior, entrance
  • Interior, bar and seating area
  • Decorative electric guitar installation on the ceiling at the bar, closeup


Iowa City


The Roxxy is all about celebrating the uniqueness and the weird little things that make each of us who we are! With the eclectic decor and the retro atmosphere, we hope you’ll discover your favorite new bar and become part of it all. Roxxy is 25% about the music, 25% about the ’80s, 50% about the weirdness, and 100% about the good times.

You’ll enjoy plenty of eye candy everywhere you look. From our guitar chandelier to an entire wall covered in cassette tapes and weird and wild decor in between, we think you’re going to fall in love with Roxxy.


To Celebrate The Individuality
That Makes Us All Unique…

To Encourage The Weirdness
In Each Of Us To Shine…

To Boldly Seek New Friends
New Relationships
And Epic New Adventures

And To Be Excellent To Each Other
Party On!